Sunday, May 19, 2013

happy 8 months!

Whoa, my little crazy baby is 8 months? I say this every month because it still surprises me to see she's getting bigger and older, but 8 months?? That's only 4 months away from turning one! 

As of right now, she's the most curious and danger prone baby I've ever known. Literally, the first couple of days we moved into the new place she had bumps and bruises all over. She was so excited to explore every detail of the apartment including opening the fridge and pulling out groceries, hang gliding from drawers and sky diving into the cracks between the window and bed. 
I feel like moms should be built with at least 4 arms and eyes on the back of their heads (not that it wouldn't be creepy or anything)...

Avairy also mastered the art of crawling and is moving at full speeds towards the next thing, standing on her own! She can stand for a good couple of seconds and will definitely be on her way to walking very soon. 
She's also been saying something that sounds a lot like 'mama', but she usually says it when she's hungry and looking at her bottle. Avairy can also clap and splash when you ask her to and is getting better at waving hello and goodbye. Sometimes it even sounds like she says 'hi' while she's waving! 

My mom likes to say that she's so smart and strong because I drank a lot of coconut juice when I was pregnant with her haha. 
I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us! Happy 8 months, my baby!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day (tomorrow!)

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful moms out there! I'm so so excited since it will be my first time celebrating it as a mother myself.

I'm expecting fireworks, balloons, a parade with a marching band, a field of flowers spelled out in mom...or if for some reason that's not possible, a card is good too. haha

But really, as excited as I am, I think simple is always better. I had gotten a birthday gift from Jordan last year that I absolutely looove! It would be a really thoughtful and easy gift idea for Mother's Day or even a birthday. 

He had given me a delicate gold necklace with a circle pendant on it. It was engraved with the letter 'A' and had Avairy's birthday on the back of it. I think this is such a beautiful and adorable gift. Then as you have more kids, you can add more pendants! 

You can find a bunch of these on Some engrave it for you or you can go to a personalizing store and get it done there.

In other news, I've been DYING without a normal computer! Aside from missing home, I miss designing graphics and editing pictures for the blog. I am surprised how much I am able to do from an iPad though!

Have a fun and cheery Mother's Day everyone!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

life so far in saskatchewan

If you follow my instagram (@avanrivong) then you'll already know we made it to Saskatchewan safe and sound!

Avairy was so amazingly good on both flights. She slept the entire time and was hardly fussy at all. I probably didn't need to pack as much toys as I did, but better safe than sorry.

We found some of those Ella's Kitchen pouches and Avairy loved them. She finished the whole thing in one sitting. And it came in handy for the first couple of days when we moved in because I didn't have much time to make her meals.

As for the town we moved to, it's a nice change, but it's definitely nothing like home.
I arrived around nighttime and even in the dark I could notice how dirty all the cars were. I soon found out its because the whole town is surrounded by dusty, dirt roads! I don't want to complain too much, but it'll definitely take some time for my nose to get use to breathing this kind of air.

Aside, from that the weather has been really nice lately. Jordan also told me that it isn't rare to see a moose or a wolf around here, which makes me very excited! I'm gonna make sure I have my phone on me at all times so I can capture that moment!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the start of our adventure!

It's been super hectic around here lately and now the time has come where Avairy and I will have to say our goodbyes.

We had a busy weekend with friends and family, actually I should say a very drunk weekend with friends and family!

Jordan and his dad left yesterday towing a tiny little trailer and a definitely over packed car.

Everyone broke down a handful of times over the last couple of days. I had my episode the day before Jordan left, thinking about my nephew waking up and not understanding why his favourite cousin, Uncle and Aunt are suddenly never home.

It's sad to leave, but the sooner we can setup our future for our family, the sooner we can come back and stay for good.

See you all very soon!