Sunday, May 19, 2013

happy 8 months!

Whoa, my little crazy baby is 8 months? I say this every month because it still surprises me to see she's getting bigger and older, but 8 months?? That's only 4 months away from turning one! 

As of right now, she's the most curious and danger prone baby I've ever known. Literally, the first couple of days we moved into the new place she had bumps and bruises all over. She was so excited to explore every detail of the apartment including opening the fridge and pulling out groceries, hang gliding from drawers and sky diving into the cracks between the window and bed. 
I feel like moms should be built with at least 4 arms and eyes on the back of their heads (not that it wouldn't be creepy or anything)...

Avairy also mastered the art of crawling and is moving at full speeds towards the next thing, standing on her own! She can stand for a good couple of seconds and will definitely be on her way to walking very soon. 
She's also been saying something that sounds a lot like 'mama', but she usually says it when she's hungry and looking at her bottle. Avairy can also clap and splash when you ask her to and is getting better at waving hello and goodbye. Sometimes it even sounds like she says 'hi' while she's waving! 

My mom likes to say that she's so smart and strong because I drank a lot of coconut juice when I was pregnant with her haha. 
I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us! Happy 8 months, my baby!

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