Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day (tomorrow!)

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful moms out there! I'm so so excited since it will be my first time celebrating it as a mother myself.

I'm expecting fireworks, balloons, a parade with a marching band, a field of flowers spelled out in mom...or if for some reason that's not possible, a card is good too. haha

But really, as excited as I am, I think simple is always better. I had gotten a birthday gift from Jordan last year that I absolutely looove! It would be a really thoughtful and easy gift idea for Mother's Day or even a birthday. 

He had given me a delicate gold necklace with a circle pendant on it. It was engraved with the letter 'A' and had Avairy's birthday on the back of it. I think this is such a beautiful and adorable gift. Then as you have more kids, you can add more pendants! 

You can find a bunch of these on Some engrave it for you or you can go to a personalizing store and get it done there.

In other news, I've been DYING without a normal computer! Aside from missing home, I miss designing graphics and editing pictures for the blog. I am surprised how much I am able to do from an iPad though!

Have a fun and cheery Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Happy mothers day! I actually came across your blog through your Instagram! I follow your sister and saw some of your pics and had to instantly follow you so I could gawk at pictures of your adorable baby girl!!! Love it all :) I'm also a new mom, still trying to figure it all out! I have a question for you.Do you have Avairy on a schedule or routine or do you follow her lead?My baby girl is 3 months and a week and I'm trying to figure out what works for us and feeling very lost! It'd be great to get the input of another mom out there!

    1. Thank you & congrats on the baby girl!

      When avairy was younger I fed her and put her down for naps when she needed it. Once she got older (probably around your daughter's age) I started to develop more of a routine. I started to feed her and put her to sleep around the same time everyday.
      Don't stress out too much if you miss a nap or late with a feeding

      Avairy is such an amazing sleeper now. She is so extremely easy to put down for a nap/bedtime and this is probably the biggest advice that I can give you that has proved to work for me: it's never too early to start a bedtime routine!

      and stick to it no matter where you are. even if its changing her into pjs or giving her a bath.

      now she knows when its dark out and shes in her pjs, its bedtime.

      I had wrote a blog post about this before, but decided to delete it for some reason. but i think im gonna post one again because i would love to help you out some more and get into full detail!

  2. Omg I would love that! Thank you so much! I look forward to reading the post!