Sunday, April 14, 2013

homemade & organic baby food {recipe}

In previous posts I've just quickly mentioned some of the foods Avairy has been eating and I also talked about some of the best ways to help get the most out of your feeding experience (here). I never thought I would be this passionate and excited about baby food before! (You can probably tell with how often I talk about it in my blog)

In the short time I've been a mother I've realized how much it means to me to feed my daughter the best possible foods and I want to inspire this same feeling in all of you!

So today I want to share with you an Avairy-approved recipe & what she's been eating for the past month.

With everything we introduced into her diet, we did the three day waiting rule and had absolutely no problem with any of the foods...until she had cauliflower. She broke out in a rash around her mouth and I think it may have made her itchy because she kept waking up with new scratches on her face. :(

Luckily that's all that happen and it wasn't anything more serious, but cauliflower is definitely out of the question for a while!

However, apricots is something she could eat all day, everyday! She use to eat just an apricot puree, but one day I wanted to give her a little more variety. So I whipped up what I like to call:

For a more information on how to cook this check out the recipe card down below!

Tip: use a teaspoon to scoop out the apple core. Super easy!


This is so amazingly good! I ended up eating it after I shot the pictures and I regret nothing! YUM! I would honestly even recommend it as an adult snack. Just eat the dried apricots and apple as is, it's crunchy, chewy, tart and sweet...can't go wrong with that! 

Let me know if you try this recipe out for your little one and if they enjoyed it as much as mine did! 
I say 'did' because she's on finger foods now and won't eat purees unless she can feed herself. More on that later though!

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