Friday, April 26, 2013

baby travelling essentials

I am so freaking nervous for this plane ride with Avairy in just a couple of days. It's her first time on a plane so I have no clue how she'll handle it. She may sleep the entire time or be a complete nut because everything is so new and exciting.

We have a couple of hours on two separate flights so it may not be that bad, but we have a 4 hour layover that I'm dreading. Who knows though, the weather may be nice and we can do a little bit of exploring!

In the meantime, I want to be ready for anything that may happen while we're travelling. So, here's an idea of what I plan to bring with us.

{check list}

stroller (sturdy with a lot of extra storage room)
change of clothes 
travel meals 
disposable diaper bags (for soiled clothing)  
lots of diapers

How adorable are those Honest diapers?? They're all natural and free of chemicals that give a lot of babies diaper rash and they are so fricken cute! They don't ship to Canada yet, but I would love to get some!

I figure I have to look at diapers every single day so why not add a little sunshine where the sun don't shine? ha. Plus, it would make it a lot more welcoming when changing poopy diapers.

I'm also loving the idea of these Organic Ella's Kitchen pouches. They're great for traveling, even on planes and come in a ton of different flavours. I'll definitely be picking up a bunch for the trip!

By the way, we had day 2 of playing in the grass and it went a whole lot better this time! She was crawling around in the grass a lot, but not after she seriously thought it over.

And I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Avairy during breakfast! A happy tummy makes a happy baby (especially if it's full of blueberries). 

The faces she's starting to make crack me up so much. She's definitely a sassy, little drama queen!

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