Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Tuesday: mini green thumbs (gardening)

I think gardening can be such a peaceful way for someone to relieve stress. Not to mention how beautiful the end results can be. Now that Spring has arrived, it's a great time to start working on the garden!

Jordan and I both knew from the start that we wanted to teach Avairy about where foods came from and what's it like to grow it yourself. I literally get so giddy thinking about her getting muddy in her sun hat and gardening gloves! I couldn't resist myself from looking up tiny gardening equipment for her.

If that doesn't make you turn your children into green thumbs then hopefully today's Pinterest Tuesday will. Not only is this great way to bond, but it's also something they can be proud of. Especially when they see you making dinner with their vegetables.

Definitely check out the link for gardening with scraps. It'll change your life! You'll save a ton of money by growing these yourself and most of them can be done indoors. Imagine never having to buy garlic or lettuce again!  

Feel free to leave me some suggestions for next weeks Pinterest Tuesday!

Until then happy gardening!

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