Sunday, March 31, 2013

mom & me monthly favourites (March)

This month we actually have some favourites that we had for awhile, but she recently became more interested in them as she got older. And our all-time favourites are still going strong on the top of me and baby's list if you wanted to check that out too.

My top suggestion for most useful would be the Nuby Nibblers. Avairy has gotten two teeth coming in now so she's been trying to bite on anything she can get her tiny hands on. This product was really good for soothing her gums and keeping her busy.

You either put fruits or vegetables into the mesh netting and they can chew/suck on it without choking on tiny pieces. What I did for Avairy was cut and peel some apples and put them in the freezer in ziplock bags. Then once it was snack time (or if her teeth were bugging her) , I would grab some up and she would sit happily for a good 30+ minutes.

As for my #1 favourite this month, it would definitely have to be the star leggings from Target. Oh my god. Let me tell you...they are so adorable! They fit her perfectly with plenty of room to grow and the material is nice and sturdy. I even dressed her in them 3 days in a row. If she was older she would not be having that!

Ok, so now for Avairy's top favourite! Her stroller! Like I said, she's had this for a long time now, but recently she gets a lot more excited when she's getting put in it. Maybe it's because she's sitting big-girl-style as Jordan and I like to say haha. I personally think it's a bit bulky now when I compare it to the more sleek, modern ones, but I still like it. It's one of those strollers where they get tossed and bumped around and still last you forever. That's what really matters here!

Also, I wanted to explain why there were nighttime diapers in our favourites again this month. I loved the Huggies one, even though every morning she smelled like pee. I just figured this was because the diapers were -- well full of pee. haha. Until one day I accidentally grabbed some Pampers instead of Huggies. I thought 'Ugh great. I hate Pampers. They feel so thin and cheap.', but they are fab-u-lous! She hasn't had a leak nor does wake up smelling like pee! However, I still love my regular everyday Huggies. :)

Feel free to share some products that you guys love. I wanna try them out and maybe one month they could be our new favourites!

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