Tuesday, March 5, 2013

clueless about post-partum

Pregnancy definitely tops any other life experiences I've had in my entire life. Which is a bit obvious because you don't go through anything close to this throughout your life. I use to say almost everyday of my pregnancy that I couldn't believe that a human being was being made inside ME, inside MY belly! Actually to this day I still say it occasionally as I'm feeding Avairy and her growing legs and arms are spilling over my lap.

But there are a couple of things I wish they warned you about in those pregnancy books. So for those first time mothers out there I want to give you some heads up! Here are my top 6 surprise experiences.

1. Those beautiful, luscious, thick, long locks you got from pregnancy...GONE. You will shed so much hair after giving birth that people will think you re-carpeted your floors. The worst part about it that you won't expect it until one day you're showering and you notice you have a pony tail in your hand. 

2. Your period will come back with a vengeance. It'll be so angry you've abandoned it for over 9 months that it's going to make you cry blood...down there. I know this may be gross for some of you, but its reality. When my period came back I went through some sort of 24-hour fever. Chills, sweats, fatigue, the works. Thankfully Avairy has amazing grandparents that watched her for the day because I couldn't even make it back up the stairs to her after grabbing a bottle. 

3. All those pregnancy books that say first time breast feeding will give you some 'soreness'...yeah, it's a typo. They meant to put pain! Your boobs will get so big, so fast that brushing your teeth is going to feel like you're holding basketballs with your elbows at the same time. Some women will be more lucky than others to not have problems, but I had no clue how hard and painful breastfeeding is. Sign up for some classes about breastfeeding and don't ever wish you had bigger boobs again.

4. You'll be surprised with how much you all of sudden hate your spouse. Don't be irrational and toss him into the yard just yet. Those would be the hormones. You'll have a moment where you think everything you're doing isn't good enough or that your spouse is the most useless person on the planet. Find some emotional support and breathe. It'll pass, but not without a lot of tears and maybe a bottle of wine.

5. People will give you advice and judge whether you like it or not. But keep in mind that even though you're a new, first time mom, you know best. You're gut and instinct will tell you so. Don't let someone's opinion veer you towards a direction you don't feel comfortable with. My mom gets really bad with this. It's like, I know mother, you've raised 4 kids, but organic is a real thing these days.

6. You will never know pain until you've experienced a contraction. On the other hand, you will never know bliss until you have one and get an epidural. The contractions were the worst part for me. It's almost like being electrocuted and all you can do is just take it. But once that epidural hits you'll be bouncing off the walls with relief. 

Regardless of the hardships you might endure during your pregnancy, you'll be crazy enough to do it again. That's because the amount of happiness and love your life is filled with now will completely outweigh it all.

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