Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinterest Tuesday: Easter Crafts

Since Easter is coming up this weekend, it would only be obvious to share some ideas for Easter crafts and decorations. I cannot wait until Avairy gets older (or at least walking) so I can do egg hunts and egg decorating with her. 

Here are 6 Easter crafts you can do for the home and with the kiddies.

The message in the egg is such a cute idea that I'm gonna have to try it out for myself this weekend!

And of course I had to add some ideas that included Mini Eggs (or some like to call them Robin Eggs). I have my eye on this ginormous bag of Mini Eggs and it will only be bad news if I ever get my hands on them. Personally, you can give me some from the bottom of your purse and I would still happily eat them. Waste not, want not. haha.

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