Sunday, February 17, 2013

losing baby weight

After having Avairy 4 months ago (5 months on Tuesday!) I vowed to get back into shape as soon as I could! Of course with the lack of sleep, I was extremely unmotivated. I yearned to be those amazing hot mamas that popped the baby out and looked like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately I wasn't one of those lucky ladies. Let's just say when I was pregnant I thought it was all going to my belly instead of my thighs. (I should've known better!) Today I'm trying to eat better and push myself to workout here and there. 

So I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I've been doing to get me a little closer to being that hot mama!

  • Of course eating healthier. Try to slowly incorporate healthier foods into your diet over time. Eating healthy is a lifestyle and if you go cold turkey on all the junk foods right away you'll crash hard and binge.Try small steps like having a side salad instead of the fries. Have chocolate 1-2 times a week (this one is easier said then done). Cut out sodas and sugary juices. Have oatmeal with cinnamon instead of sweet cereals. By making these simple choices, you'll eventually start to feel better and not even notice you grabbed a bottle of water instead of the can of pop. 
  • Record everything you eat. I know, it sounds like a huge drag and I use to hate whenever people suggested this, but seeing the good and the bad of what you eat on a day to day basis really gives you a reality check. I've been using this app called My Fitness Pal and it's amazing! You put in your weight and height and it gives you the proper amount of calories you should be eating. You then record your meals and your workouts and it lets you know how many calories you have left. Super handy!
  • Workout with your baby. Believe it or not, when I first started using workout DVDs I had to do it while Avairy was awake! I would put her in her swinging chair and she would watch me jump and hop around. To her I was being silly ol' mommy and it made her laugh and she loved it. For me it keep me energized and positive trying to make her laugh while I did jumping jacks. Not to mention the bonus of seeing her happy and smiling. Then before I knew it, my workout was done! Also it might help to make sure baby is fed and comfortable so they don't get fussy in the middle of your workout. 
  • Don't eat too late! Have your last meal well before your bedtime and if you must snack on something try to make it fruits or vegetables. Even some apple slices and oranges will surprisingly hold you off until lights out. Me and my boyfriend use to have dinner a couple of hours before bed and then wake up feeling so full and bloated that we would skip breakfast. By lunch we would be so hungry that we would grab something quick to eat like fast food. Then eat more crap after work because we were tired, making the cycle repeat itself. It's just not a good feeling!  
  • Stay motivated. It's hard to keep the big picture in mind, so you have to constantly remind yourself everyday. It helps to keep a picture scrapbook of what you're striving towards. It can include celebrity bikini bods, inspirational words or pictures of your family. This is just for your eyes only so it can be as personal and honest as you want. I found an awesome account on Instagram that specifically posts pictures to motivate you towards exercising. You can check them out @reasonstobefit

Let me know if any of these have helped you or if you have any tips for me! And if all else fails you can always use the excuse of just having a baby so you're still working on losing weight. Although if you're still trying to make this excuse work 18 years later you might be outta luck! haha

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