Saturday, February 9, 2013

here's to the beginning...

Let's just be honest with each other from the start. I was extremely intimidated to start a blog. I've had blogs before, but most were just wandering rambles. This blog was different. This blog was a mommy blog! 
I sat and I typed then I deleted, then typed some more and then got distracted with the smell of spit up somewhere on my shirt...or on my pants...or was it in my hair?

Either way, after many days of cowering in the shadows of the graveyard of abandoned blogs, I wasn't going to let mine go down this way. I've finally gotten enough courage to throw myself into the world of mommy blogs. 

So here I am, just a creative soul looking for an outlet. A new mother of a beautiful baby girl. A baby mama to one of the hardest working persons I've been lucky enough to have in my life.

And with this blog, I hereby dedicate it to writing about my life, family and creations I may spontaneously decide is a good idea. To share tips and any advice I've learned so far to help new and young mothers. As well as share our journey of moving from Ontario to Saskatchewan in hopes of making the best future for our family.

With a new baby added to the mix, life is far too precious to not document every last bit I can.

So as I sit here in the dark, trying not to tap the keyboard too frantically so as to not wake the sleeping baby, I hope you will join me on this raising dreams.

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